Why train with the CSA Centre?

Discover how our courses can help build confidence and skills for you, and your team, in identifying and responding to child sexual abuse.

Since 2017, the CSA Centre has supported more than 5,000 professionals to identify, respond to and support those affected by child sexual abuse through our tailored training programme.

Professionals in social work, policing, education, health and the voluntary sector play a pivotal role in identifying, protecting and supporting children, families and victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. Our affordable, yet extensive, courses go beyond what is shared in statutory training and guidance to ensure organisations and individuals to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to act.



We offer dedicated courses for individual professions, as well as multi-agency courses, to drive learning more broadly. Rigorously developed to include the latest developments in research and practice, each course is routinely monitored and updated, meeting high standards and delivery for all participants. Presented by trainers with significant professional experience, many are now also CPD certified.


Our training can be delivered in person, or online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Please email training@csacentre.org.uk, outlining your individual objectives and requirements, and we can discuss how to put this in place. Courses range from the equivalent of just £16 per person.


Professionals trained since 2017


Tailored courses for professionals in social work, policing, education and health


Of participants said they’d apply what they’d learnt in their own practice*

Effective, impactful training

The CSA Centre has built a reputation for delivering successful training for those working with children and families who have, or may have, been sexually abused. Our courses have been incredibly well reviewed, and are conducted by our highly experienced staff from a wide range of different professions, supported by visual resources and slides, as well as more interactive discussions and exercises.

We provide localised information about the scale of child sexual abuse in your area, drawn from official data and contextualised with supporting analysis and comparative national data, to show a picture of child sexual abuse as it may impact your team.

Each new programme or course is rigorously piloted, and we produce learning and evaluation reports to help us ensure each session prepares professionals for identifying and responding to concerns of child sexual abuse. Read the reports below to see how collect feedback from our training participants to drive continuous improvement in our training, sustaining our high standards and maintaining the best delivery for all our participants.

I have learnt so much about all aspects of abuse and I know I will be a better social worker for it. Whatever area of social work I go into there will probably be people who have been sexually abused, which is why they are having contact with services. This knowledge will help me to understand and assist service users better. – Social work student
I just wanted to say you delivered one of the best courses I have been on. Your compassion and knowledge on the subject was really inspiring and thought provoking. You have changed how I work, improved it, and I will be carrying that on forevermore really. – Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads Programme attendee
This has been a hugely informative and interesting training programme … I will take away a lot of helpful information to share with colleagues and put into practice on the ground. The opportunity to discuss with colleagues and share experiences has been valuable. There is a lot in the approach that will be put to good use in training staff more widely. – Deputy Head Teacher, Pastoral and Safeguarding Lead
I feel more confident that I can talk to children and young people and their experiences without being so concerned that I may say the wrong thing. – Social Worker
The facilitator has been supportive of difficult cases and has been there for emotional support too. Her approach makes us feel safe. We can be open. We don’t need to be as mindful of our communication and saying the wrong thing. – Child Sexual Abuse Practice Leads Programme attendee
Rarely do I see a training session keep people’s attention for the whole day … This is a real boon to new officers and a tremendous reassurance to more experienced officers who have never had validation for their methods. – Detective Sergeant, Force training co-ordinator

*According to the results of our pilot programme with the London Safeguarding Children Partnership

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